Tomatis Effect – from Ear to Voice and Color

Tomatis Effect – from Ear to Voice and Color

The international training centre Mozart-Brain-Lab (MBL), together with the Atlantis Institute and the Italian researcher Carmela Stillitano, have published the following scientific article called: “Tomatis Effect: From Ear to Voice and Colour”.

The Study has shown that the voice of a brazilian actress has significantly improved after a 14-days intensive therapy using the Brain Activator, developed by the Mozart-Brain-Lab.

The listening tests taken before, during and after the two weeks’ treatment, as well as the analysis of the subject’s voice recorded before and after the therapy, have shown significant changes that only the therapy could explain.

The CD included with the article printout, gives the reader the opportunity to compare recordings before and after.

Carmela Stillitano gives in her work evidence of the increase of energy in the frequency ranges of formant 2 and 3 that the therapy has facilitated. Since the frequency ranges corresponding to formant 2 and 3 do not affect only the perception of tone but also of color, the researcher could demonstrate in her analysis of the drawings made by the subject during the treatment, that the changes that the treatment with the Brain Activator have brought can be quantified, from not only a vocal and an auditory point of view, but also a visual one. Drawings made during the various phases of the therapy are also included.

The article is intended for singers, speakers, actors or any person who is using their voice at a professional level. It should also be of interest for therapists practicing Audio-Psycho-Phonology (APP) or helpers working in APP centres.

The research study originally written in Italian has been translated in English. It is a four-colour brochure with format Din A 4; including on a CD the samples of the patient’s voice taken during the therapy.